Great Business of Summer
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Brandon Jones and The Great Business of Summer

Brandon Jones and friends are back again - It’s summertime, and school is out! To help beat the heat and make a little spending money, Brandon, along with best friends Gabe and JB, decide to open a lemonade stand. The boys refuse to let JB's sister Mya join them in their business - a decision which they soon begin to regret. Mya quickly rounds up a couple of her friends and they open their own stand right next to the boys’ stand! The boys immediately realize they have real competition when many of their customers start going to the girls’ stand instead - in fact, the girls have taken all of the boys' customers!

The burning question of the summer soon becomes: Will Brandon and his friends be able to stay in business? Or will the girls force them to close?

Join Brandon and his friends as they learn about Math concepts (liquid conversions) and Financial literacy (revenue, profit, break-even) while engaged in a friendly business competition with one another.

Grades 3-5 | Content Areas: Math, Financial Literacy

ISBN (book): 978-0-9905149-4-7 ISBN (workbook): 978-0-9905149-3-0

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Math Challenge Workbook

Challenging puzzles that encourage critical thinking to determine patterns and visualize mathematics outside of the standard format. We want to know, how many challenges can YOU complete?

The Math Challenge workbook provides over 30 full color pages of math puzzles, riddles, and challenges to stimulate the critical thinking skills of young learners. Designed for students in grades 3-6, Math Challenge encourages the use of logic as well as pattern and fact recognition to solve slightly complex puzzles. Students can even create their own challenging problems!

Great for a daily warm-up or regular skill maintenance! Try a Math Challenge puzzle today!

ISBN: 978-0-9905149-5-4 | Price: $9.95

Field Trip to the Zoo
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Brandon Jones and The Field Trip to the Zoo

Brandon Jones and his friends attend a school field trip to the zoo with a twist - their teacher has turned the field trip into a scavenger hunt race! Each team must study the clues provided and use what they know about animal group characteristics to identify the correct animals. Brandon and his friends are determined to win the race, but they run into a mystery card they just can't seem to answer.

Time is running out as their classmates begin to catch up. Will Brandon's group be able to solve the mystery in time to win the race? Readers learn about animal groups and science vocabulary terms while Brandon and his friends solve the mystery riddles to find animals on their lists.

Grades 1-3 | Content Area: Science

ISBN (book): 978-0-9905149-0-9 ISBN (workbook): 978-0-9905149-1-6