Fun Facts About Me!

Here are a few fun facts you may not know about me!

  1. My favorite city is New Orleans, La (NOLA). I love the music, the French Quarters, Mardi Gras, the people, the food, the culture... I love it all.
  2. I absolutely love seafood! Seafood gumbo, crawfish etoufee, boiled crawfish/crabs - yum!
  3. I am completely deaf in my right ear, but most times, not too many people can tell.
  4. I love to laugh. I'm always cracking up at something.
  5. I talk... a lot! I think I had C's in conduct from Pre-K until middle school!
  6. I always struggle to beat my son in a game of Connect Four. He's really, really good... seriously!
  7. Although I'm from Louisiana, I also spent part of my childhood in Ohio and Georgia.
  8. I never saw snow until I was 6 (when my family moved to Ohio). Now that I live in North Texas, I see snow every year!
  9. My favorite flavor of ice cream in plain vanilla.
  10. Sweet fresh-squeezed lemonade is my weakness!
  11. My sisters are my best friends.
  12. I enjoy visiting museums in different cities with my son.
  13. I often miss teaching elementary students!
  14. I was usually the shortest person in all of my classes!
  15. I often doodled in my notebooks while I was in school. Sometimes, when I still do!